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Research Portfolios

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

When we look at research projects in any field, and in the medical field specifically, it's important to take a portfolio perspective so that we can see the big picture. All too often we can get caught up in the details of a particular project and lose sight of all the other projects that are active or have potential.

A portfolio perspective allows the team to view all research projects as a pool of investments, each with its own potential impacts, return on investment, and risks. We can then look for ways to share ideas and resources that can benefit the individual projects as well as the portfolio as a whole. We think of this as portfolio alignment.

We can also see where we have duplicated our efforts, or where we have already learned a lesson in one project that can be applied to another project.

When we look at Research Portfolios, we can then drill down into particular projects and make sure that they are managed the way that require. The idea is to find the right balance of portfolio alignment and project execution. Our approach encompasses both of these critical disciplines.

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